How to improve creativity in public relations?

Creativity is a key element of public relations (PR) and corporate and strategic communications. Which tools are needed to help creativity flow and build a more creative team?

Creativity is unquestionably an essential tool for designing PR campaigns. But how do PR agencies come up with their creative ideas for each of their clients?

Every client is unique and has their own business objectives, which is why you must adapt your ideas to suit their needs and address their pain points.

Coming up with creative ideas is not an easy task and requires a combination of resources to achieve this goal.

One method is brainstorming, where all members of the creative team suggest different ideas, concepts and keywords, which are written down and used for designing the PR campaign.

Another way is through mind mapping, where a central theme is written down and new and related ideas radiate from the center. Individual mind mapping using a shared vision will help broaden the scope of the group’s thinking.

Working together will always help broaden your team’s horizons and is always preferable to working individually.

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Writing is great for creative thought.

Exploring emotional memory is another way to come up with creative ideas, as well as to think about creating sensory and memorable experiences for users.

You should always take into account current affairs and upcoming trends when planning PR campaigns.

Users are constantly being exposed to multiple stimuli, which is why you should always be coming up with new ideas and maintain a sense of surprise in your campaigns.

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According to the ninth edition of the “Creativity in PR study” carried out by PRovoke media and Now Go Create, storytelling and content creation are two of the most important creative assets a PR has followed, to a less extent, by influencer relations and collaboration with owned, shared and/or paid media.

 “More than ever, creativity and originality are becoming critical factors for success in PR campaigns and activities. You cannot innovate without being creative”

Cristela Reyes, CEO of MarketCross

The world is in constant change, and part of our work is to adapt to those changes and to go one step further to offer the best service.

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