Welcome aboard, GSMA!

We welcome GSMA as one of our new customers. This new partnership marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to deliver world-class services to the communications and technology industries.

The Global Association of Mobile Operators (GSMA), is internationally recognized for its leadership in the mobile communications industry and is now a client of our public relations agency.

GSMA’s commitment to innovation, connectivity and technological progress has left an enduring impact on the global landscape and at MarketCross we are fully prepared to support them in their strategic positioning plan to reach their Latin American audiences.

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The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators around the globe and takes a leading role in promoting innovation, growth and sustainability in the telecommunications industry. Its focus on building a connected and digitally inclusive future resonates deeply with MarketCross’ core values.

The importance of the GSMA to the telecommunications sector cannot be understated. As a global leader, it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of connectivity, from implementing emerging technologies such as 5G to promoting digital inclusion in communities around the world. For MarketCross, this partnership is a testimony of our ongoing commitment to working with the best-in-class.

A relevant partnership

Through this partnership, we look forward to not only providing comprehensive support to the GSMA in its strategic communications efforts, but also collaborating closely to further a shared vision of a safer, more accessible and vibrant digital world for all.

At MarketCross, we are dedicated to providing strategic communications and public relations services that reflect the greatness and impact of GSMA in the industry.

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Together, we look forward to making the most of this partnership to achieve meaningful results and move towards a future where mobile technology continues to transform and improve the lives of people around the world.

About MarketCross

We are a global public relations agency that since 1996 has been helping to create connections between great brands and their audiences in an innovative and personal way, enhancing their reputation and narrative to drive business outcomes.

Our track record of co-constructing with more than 300 clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and industries has given us a unique perspective for delivering customized and effective strategic communications solutions to anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts, located in major cities around the world, combines a global outlook with in-depth local market experience and a sense of curiosity that transcends borders and ensures that they stay abreast of the changes and trends occurring in different markets and societies.

MarketCross has received several different international awards including the Latin America Excellence Awards (2016 and 2018), Eikon Chile (2022),  Eikon Argentina (2023), Eikon Internacional (2023).