28 Years of Collaboration and Friendship: The Voice of Our Partners

The strength of our relationships and the power of collaboration are key to our success as a public relations agency

Throughout our 28-year history, we have had the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented and creative minds in public relations. These include highly respected PR agencies that besides being our strategic partners are also close friends with whom we share common values, best practices and have worked together and learned from on a daily basis.

As we celebrate another anniversary, we renew our commitment to continue building strong relationships and productive partnerships that will drive mutual success and continued growth with our partner agencies.

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Our partners and colleagues not only form an integral part of our ongoing success, but are also a source of constant inspiration and motivation for us to keep growing and improving.

Thank you dear friends for these special messages, which reflect both the depth of the connections we share and the strength of our relationships.

May this anniversary mark the beginning of more years of fruitful collaboration, lasting friendships and shared success!!!!

About MarketCross

We are a global Public Relations agency that since 1996 has been helping to form connections between big brands and their audiences in an innovative and engaging way, enhancing their reputation and storytelling to drive business results.

Our track record of co-constructing with more than 300 clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and industries has given us a unique perspective on delivering customized and effective strategic communications solutions anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts, located in major cities around the world, combines our global vision with extensive local market experience and a curiosity that transcends borders to stay abreast of changes and trends in markets and society.

MarketCross’ work has been recognized in different international awards such as the Latin America Excellence Awards (2016 and 2018), Eikon Chile (2022), Eikon Argentina (2023), Eikon International (2023).