This is common practice in some PR agencies, but fortunately not all.

Make sure you get expert advice from your PR agency. At the end of the day, it could make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful communications strategy and ensure your PR budget is well spent.

When large companies choose to appoint a public relations (PR) agency, they are expecting to receive quality service and expert advice that will drive their communications strategy.

However, they often run into a frustrating situation. At the beginning of the contract, they are introduced to a senior account manager, but they end up working on a day-to-day basis with a junior executive who does not have the necessary experience to provide the right advice. While this might seem like a minor detail, it can have a major impact on the effectiveness of a company’s PR strategy.


The Junior Executive Dilemma

While a junior executive, no matter how talented and accomplished they may seem, they generally lack the strategic vision and quick responsiveness that comes with years of industry experience.

This can lead to a range of problems, from a lack of deep understanding of client objectives to an inability to handle communication crises efficiently. Large companies, which invest considerable sums in their PR strategies, cannot afford such mistakes.

Thus, junior executives should not be allowed to lead PR projects with major companies, let alone be the main point of contact with the client. Their functions should be operational.

The Importance of Expert Advice

The benefit of having a senior executive lies not only in their ability to manage complex situations, but also in their network and industry knowledge.

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Senior account managers usually have a strong network of key media contacts and a closer link with major stakeholders.

Senior executives also have a deeper understanding of market trends and can anticipate changes that affect their clients’ reputation and strategies. Such a strategic vision is crucial for developing communications plans that not only react to current events, but also prepare the company for future challenges.

Making a Difference to a Communication Strategy

An effective communication strategy is one that is aligned with the company’s business objectives and can quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Senior executives have the ability to design and adjust these strategies more efficiently, ensuring that every PR action has a positive and measurable impact.

Aligned and consistent methodology

It is of the utmost importance that global PR agencies are coherent and consistent with this working methodology, in order to ensure they guarantee the same level of quality in any of the markets they operate in.

At MarketCross we have always understood this.

We always appoint a senior Account Director as our client’s first point of contact, one who has proven experience in the industry, market and client segment. The Account Director is the one who draws up the strategy, advises the client, participates in follow-up calls and directs the rest of the support team.

Whether the client’s project is located in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, or any other market, our work methodology is the same throughout all the countries we work in.

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This means that, regardless of geographic location, clients can expect the same level of quality and excellence. It is a competitive edge that we never compromise.

Because varying levels of expertise and consulting capabilities can significantly affect the effectiveness of a PR strategy, companies should insist that their PR agency appoints senior executives to lead the account and choose global agencies that can guarantee a consistent and high quality approach across all markets.

Doing so will not only safeguard your  investment in a PR strategy, but also ensure a stronger and more effective strategic communication approach that will achieve reputational and business objectives.

About MarketCross

We are a global public relations agency that since 1996 has been helping to create connections between great brands and their audiences in an innovative and personal way, enhancing their reputation and narrative to drive business outcomes.

Our track record of co-constructing with more than 300 clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and industries has given us a unique perspective for delivering customized and effective strategic communications solutions to anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts, located in major cities around the world, combines a global outlook with in-depth local market experience and a sense of curiosity that transcends borders and ensures that they stay abreast of the changes and trends occurring in different markets and societies.

MarketCross has received several different international awards including the Latin America Excellence Awards (2016 and 2018), Eikon Chile (2022),  Eikon Argentina (2023), Eikon Internacional (2023).