We are in the age of fake news. At some time or another, we all received news through an instant messaging application and firmly believed it was true, and then discovered it was a lie. Now that we are facing a totally unusual pandemic situation, they are swirling around and their impacts are often devastating.

But how do we know if the content we receive from someone we trust is true? It’s pretty easy. Just stop using these channels as a source of information.

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All the “news” disseminated in them shows doubtful credibility

The fact that there is no journalistic medium that validates the news that circulates through these channels, allows the action of malicious people, capable of pretending “quality” content so as to induce people or specific groups to be interested in an idea. This is due to the fact that these people have a very low risk of being identified, penalized or punished.

In order to get more information, look for a professional and suitable news outlet. We have lots of them in each Latin American country and many others in the world. They are publicly known and responsible for the information they produce. As a result they can be regarded as accountable and penalized whenever they make a mistake. In these companies, serious, competent and committed journalists, who have qualified to play this role, work with the truth of the facts and therefore they have credibility.

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As regards applications, which help us so much in our daily life, we can continue to use them to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and as a form of entertainment. After all, the countless fun files we receive all the time may make our lives lighter and happier. But, when the intention is to obtain reliable information, it is recommended to look for a professional journalistic medium. In that case, the chances that fake news disappear from your life increase considerably.