Norton experts, with the support of MarketCross, spoke with Brazilian journalists about the dangers of the dark web and how to protect oneself against identity theft.

During an online session intended to raise awareness about cyber threats, Norton – a consumer cybersecurity brand of Gen™ – shared with 13 journalists from prestigious Brazilian media outlets important tips on how to help people detect whether they have been the victim of identity theft and what to do if they suspect their digital identity has been compromised on the dark web. 

Experts fielded questions on how to detect an identity threat, how to stay alert, what to do if your identity has been compromised and your data becomes available on the dark web.

In addition, Norton explained the differences between the dark web and the deep web, providing statistics on identity theft and cybercrime in Brazil for them to share with their readers and audiences.

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Iskander Sanchez-Rola, Norton’s privacy innovation director, elaborated on the dark web and browsed it in real time, providing some more detailed information about companies in Brazil whose consumer data may be for sale by cybercriminals in the digital universe.

Luciana Rúbia, Norton brand leader at Gen for Brazil, presented the broad portfolio of NortonTM 360 Advanced and NortonTM Identity Advisor Plus products.

Some 75% of the publications produced from the event were in tier one media, including national and consumer technology publications, reaching a total readership of more than 18 million.

“The event was very interesting. I was amazed at how much they are focused on the dark web! They even use a UX designer! Thank you very much!,” said the editor of a major business-oriented tech publication.

All participants, including journalists from major Brazilian national and niche technology publications, received a breakfast box to be enjoyed during the virtual morning event.

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Events like this represent an incredible opportunity for experts from large companies to get closer to important local media outlets, sharing relevant content and valuable insights with journalists and editors on topics of great importance to readers in specific sectors, as well as to the general population.

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