Back to School Powered by NVIDIA and Artificial Intelligence

Mexico’s leading media outlets were able to experience the benefits that laptops with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 Series GPUs have to offer for studying, working and playing.

We worked with NVIDIA in designing and implementing a Back to School campaign in Mexico that was entertaining and powered by cutting-edge technology.

The campaign featured NVIDIA Studio laptops, NVIDIA GeForce Gaming laptops, NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 Series GPUs and the Ada Lovelace architecture, which, thanks to a series of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies, help shorten workflows and enable both teachers and students to unlock their creativity.

Through a concerted effort between our client NVIDIA, its partners, and MarketCross, we coordinated several reviews of NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 Series GPUs and conducted interviews with journalists from Mexican mainstream, gaming and tech media, as well as content creators who were able to share with their audiences and communities the advantages that NVIDIA’s technology brings to work, study and play games.

We worked on a schedule for each review, embargo dates and technical interviews, so that the reviewer had all the necessary information needed to have a different level of experience.

This campaign was designed to have two phases: one at the beginning of August (first week) and a second wave at the beginning of the second fortnight.

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Thanks to this well orchestrated PR campaign and organic press management, we were able to achieve clippings from important media outlets with significant reach to NVIDIA’s target audiences, namely Reforma, El Norte, Mural, Isa Marcial, Meristation, Xataka, MSN, Excelsior, Imagen Radio, Geekzilla, Tierra Gamer, Sin Embargo, Reporte Indigo, Heraldo TV and others, amounting to more than 2MM in OTS (Opportunity to See).

Reforma, El Norte, Mural, Isa Marcial, Meristation, Xataka, MSN, Excelsior, Imagen Radio, Geekzilla, Tierra Gamer, Sin Embargo, Reporte Indigo, Heraldo TV, were just some of the media outlets that reported the information.

The coverage impacts included more than 2MM OTS (Opportunity to See).

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