We accompanied our client NVIDIA to the Centro Costa Salguero events center where we were able to share the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence with some of the most important mainstream, gaming and technology media publications.

Over the course of two days at Argentina’s most important gaming industry event in Buenos Aires, we accompanied NVIDIA Latin America regional spokespersons, Marketing Director Jaime Casis and Technical Marketing Manager Alexandre Ziebert, to numerous meetings with leading journalists.

At the Argentina Game Show we were able to conduct 20 interviews with tier 1 media outlets representing an OTS of more than 150 M.

“The work we did with MarketCross, ranging from pre-event preparation, coordination, interview scheduling, support and post-event follow-ups were key to our successful participation in AGS”

André Forte, PR Manager for NVIDIA Latam Consumer

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Planning + teamwork

Strategic communications planning prior to the event is key to achieving  successful outcomes at these types of events, taking into account the following steps:

  • Listing of target media to be contacted
  • Developing excellent relationships with key journalists
  • Preparation of a press book
  • Interview preparation of spokespersons
  • Having a communications team that is committed to giving 100%, both on behalf of the client and the PR agency.

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Interview with Alexandre Ziebert, Technical Marketing Manager at NVIDIA for Latin America for Tecnogaming

About MarketCross

We are a global public relations agency that since 1996 has been helping to create connections between great brands and their audiences in an innovative and personal way, enhancing their reputation and narrative to drive business outcomes.

Our track record of co-constructing with more than 300 clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and industries has given us a unique perspective for delivering customized and effective strategic communications solutions to anywhere in the world.

Our team of experts, located in major cities around the world, combines a global outlook with in-depth local market experience and a sense of curiosity that transcends borders and ensures that they stay abreast of the changes and trends occurring in different markets and societies.

MarketCross has received several different international awards including the Latin America Excellence Awards (2016 and 2018) and Eikon Chile (2022).