Big Data optimizes investments of telecom carriers

A closer understanding of the consumer based on the use of new technologies will help telecommunications companies to redefine their investment strategies in order to target high-value customers more quickly.

Image words related to big data: decision, processing, volume, difficult, etc.

According to Mario Mora, director of telecommunications and media solutions at Teradata Mexico, technologies such as big data can generate strategic data so that the innovation of new products by companies results in obtaining more users.

“A clear current example of the transformation of the telecommunications industry is based on focusing final customer service. Usually, when users face a service problem, they resource to the call center and as calls come in, the answering machine automatically routes them. Now, thanks to technology we can become aware of the customer value, and this fact generates a market segmentation of those users classified as high, medium and low value. In this way, by queuing up calls, the IVR service provider has the possibility of giving priority to high-value clients with less waiting time for a response and redirecting them smoothly”, says the specialist.

Likewise, the operators, based on consumers´ preferences and habits, can reach agreements with companies from different areas to satisfy the users´ needs and then generate new value-added businesses.

Presently, Mario Mora, from Teradata Mexico, emphasizes that this knowledge of user habits can end up guiding telecommunications companies to the efficiency of their investments.

“In the very near future, not only the telecommunications industry will be based on this model of analysis and big data, since most of the large companies in all industries are taking this new trend as the main input for the generation of their strategies, as well as for the definition of products and services. Today, it can hardly be seen that a wholesaler determines the opening of a new store in a bureaucratic or incidental decision; nowadays, there is a whole background in the previous analysis, which has become the standard for everything related to consumption and general sales.