If you’re a social media management professional, you may do well to indulge in handy apps like Fastory, Promo, Typito, Anchor Videos, Adioma, ContentStudio, Tagwin, Lisa, Story Slicer, and Station.

Social media manager is a highly sacrificed profession that requires high doses of 2.0 wisdom, which must be not only constantly polished but also invested with patience.

Fortunately, and despite the fact that their work is made up of a push and pull of wrongs to which solutions must be offered (no matter how), social media managers have multiple tools at hand to make their day to day a little more manageable.

Next, and hand in hand with Buffer, we will enter” name, shame and fame” to some of those tools (those that social media managers should get their teeth into as soon as possible):


Fastory is an online editor that allows you to create both animated and static stories very easily. With this very useful tool, the so in vogue “Stories” of Instagram and Snapchat are a piece of cake.

2. Promo

Promo boasts of being one of the easiest video editors on the market. With a library of more than 2.8 million licensed music and video clips, Promo is capable of turning out exceptional quality videos within minutes.

3. Typito

Described by some as a kind of Canva for videos, Typito counts with a practical “drag-and-drop” interface that allows the simple creation of videos seasoned with typography, images, and music. In addition, it is possible to change the video format (horizontal, square, vertical or “letterbox”) at a click of a mouse.

4. Anchor Videos

Totally free of charge, Anchor Videos is a tool that transforms audio recordings into extraordinarily “attractive” animated videos and accompanied by transcripts.

5. Adioma

Adioma is a tool that makes creating infographics amazingly easy. You just have to enter the text you want to include and Adioma takes care of the design, suggesting relevant icons and automatically adapting the design to the amount of available text.

6. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a “content curation” tool that allows you to discover content, schedule posts and automate campaigns on social media. Once the content we are interested in sharing is found, ContentStudio takes care of recommending images and hashtags for the post.

7. Tagwin

Tagwin is a tool with an eye on creating contests for Instagram. From Tagwin we can create a contest in a matter of minutes, determine what the participation conditions will be and monitor it through the “dashboard” of the application.

8. Lisa

If you’ve taken countless photos but you aren’t sure which one to post on Instagram, Lisa and her handy algorithm powered by “machine learning” technology could help you in your task. Lisa analyzes photos and recommends the image that is likely to get the most “likes” on Instagram. In addition, it also suggests relevant hashtags to go along with the photo.

9. Story Slicer

Story Slicer breaks long videos into small video chunks for easy sharing as Stories on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

10. Station

Station is a free tool that merges into a single platform the dozens of web applications (Trello, Pocket, Buffer, etc.) that social media managers usually keep open in the browser of their computers. Once connected to Station, the user can add the applications that he most frequently uses to the “workstation” of this platform.