How to build a Media Target List that leads to success

Nurturing and consolidating a list of contacts in the media, oriented to effective press management, is not necessarily the most fun and exciting task of the executive´s work of a public relations agency. But it is crucial for the success or failure of content circulation in any communication strategy.

Creating a media base from scratch is, in our work, one of the biggest investments of time. With the objective of doing it well from the beginning, no matter how many hours it takes us, it is a step gained to achieve great results in the medium and long term. If you get off on the right foot, you will simplify and speed up your efforts in the future.

We will then share with you some tips to be more effective and organize the “mother” of success when its time to work:

1. Identify what your client’s target media are

Knowing the client is based on small details, and that implies noticing in which media he has appeared, what journalists he is closest to and which ones will be a challenge. Apart from understanding and recognizing what he is talking about, it is necessary to know where his messages can and cannot fit. That should be an exhausted evaluation.

Consolidating an organized media list is not only a tool for your work, but also contributes to the organization and good performance of your team.

2. It is always better to have more data

As you work on building your target media list, don’t fall short. Do not focus your attention on the name, position or e-mail address. The more information the better, that is, build a detailed list of phone numbers, social networks, the last note you wrote in the media, if he works in the newsroom or he is a freelancer.

We are constantly changing, and so is the way in which we contact and communicate. It is a question of the utmost importance to be attentive and follow “tiers” journalists.

3. Social networks, great allies

We are constantly changing, and so is the way in which we contact and communicate. It is a question of the utmost importance to be attentive and follow“tiers”journalists: social networks are a gold mine to detect topics, get closer and have an exchange. Both personal and media networks are our endless source of news angles and opportunities. Do not fall asleep! You can give the big EUREKA shout when you least expect it.

4. Journalists are on the move, so is the target list!

Every media list is on the move. It is vital that you can coordinate and agree constant updating with your team. Many journalists rotate, change sections, media and topics. Therefore, being in frequent contact with them and knowing what they do and where they are is essential to have an updated media target list. We are movement, nothing remains, so keep nourishing the base to achieve good results :)!

5. Division and order

Divide your Media Card List by verticals and themes, organize all the information carefully to achieve order when working. It will be a great relief for you and your team.

6. A friend in the media is always an ally

Do not neglect those “friends” you made on your way and place them in a selected and distinguished position to know who to turn to in times of work demands, and also to know who to “pamper, spoil or give a scoop” when they need it.

Life is a round trip, never forget that a journalist and a press executive one another…