November 13, 2015


In the super competitive and rapidly evolving telecommunications industry, churn rates are high and customer needs change constantly. That environment puts service providers under constant pressure to develop new, innovative ways to entice customers to stay loyal to brands.

It’s a fact: Data-driven organizations generate more business value and achieve a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace. Using data and analytics to gain a better understanding of each individual customer allows companies to send highly relevant communications and tailored offers that help foster loyalty and maximize revenue.

In these short videos, three industry-leading telcos share how they are using powerful data-driven insights to gain an edge over the competition and achieve business-critical success.


Vodafone Spain: Leveraging Data to Understand Their Customers

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Francisco Javier Azores
Vodafone Spain

For Vodafone Spain, convergence has been the name of the game in the dog-eat-dog telecommunications market. The company combined fixed and mobile offers as well as television and game offers to better serve its customer base of more than 1 million. By using data to understand every customer, Vodafone Spain is able to maximize lifetime value and revenue.

“We need data to understand every single customer ... in order to maximize lifetime value and to maximize the revenue that a customer is providing to us.” 
—Francisco Javier Azores, Vodafone Spain


O2Czech Uses Data to Gain a Competitive Edge

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Stan Kura

O2Czech is the largest integrated telecommunications provider in the Czech Republic, with nearly 8 million mobile and fixed accesses. Gaining insights through data analytics on what customers like to do in their free time allows the company to make campaigns more relevant, which gives it a competitive advantage. O2Czech uses all available data, such as call and text message frequency data, to better understand customers’ behaviors, lifestyles and interests to engage them with more targeted communications.

“We are watching our competitors and their attempts and their efforts in leveraging the data that they have available. And I must say that we are ahead of them. And that gives us [a] competitive edge in probably every respect.” 
—Stan Kura, O2Czech


Uninor: Data-Driven for That Competitive Edge

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Avinash Mittal

Uninor, a service provider with 40 million subscribers and 300,000 retail outlets throughout India, knows that determining what customers want and then finding the best way to serve them is the key to growth. To that end, gaining insights into store inventory levels, available touchpoints and the demographics of certain segments allows the company to recognize customers’ specific needs so it can sell them exactly what they want. Uninor can also make sure that current network rates are aligned with the specific customer demographic to better serve each individual customer.

“Individual customer needs are very different and then how you really understand ... their needs and sell the individual customer what he wants, that’s extremely important.” 
—Avinash Mittal, Uninor

Carly Schramm is the assistant editor for Teradata Magazine.