November 13, 2014

Laughing at work: a basic weapon to improve production

Everybody had a bad day once and felt he was underperforming, or simply that the work environment in which he is is not right.

A person suffering from stress is a person who has a low work performance; victim of extreme tiredness, fatigue, lack or low creativity, aggressiveness, moodiness and also suffering from recurrent colds and flu, which translates into absenteeism by forced bed rest.

Studies worldwide ensure that an innovative and effective method to prevent this is to use humour in the office. This works towards improving employee productivity and happines.

We propose point with which to tell when enforce these guidelines:

• Chitchats with directors: it is a good way to break the ice and cross the line between employees and managers in the company. The characters that interact are more communicative and the idea is not to be presented as clowns but as more human and open to other people.

• Humour as rest: Find some time for recreation. Take a break from the long hours of work.

• Spread ideas: humour is a communication tool with which we count when we have to get with a firmer message to all company employees.

There's nothing better than arriving to work in good humour and to create an atmosphere of harmony and joy. Without overdoing and respecting the progression of each situation, companies that have already tried this experience have reported an increase of proactiveness and productivity.