November 11, 2014

How should advertisement be designed to attract customers?

Today, ads are somewhat irritable for the user who receives them, mainly those that try to be interesting. That is why, in the era of new media, there is a transformation in the concept of customer loyalty. To maintain this loyalty, companies try not to waste time, to be truly useful and rewarding the customer based on their needs.

This is determined by one recent study conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and China by digital agency Razorfish. Furthermore, it defined that the consumer is "allergic" to advertising. Not surprisingly, more than half of consumers in the US and UK and 69% of Chinese consumers confess that they would do everything in their power in order to avoid running into advertising and see pre-roll ads on YouTube.

That's why, it is not enough to create a fun spot or witty tweet. Consumers, when exposed to a proliferation of media channels and media platforms, are more "sensitive" to such information.

Tired of advertisement, consumers generally prefer the useful brands over the interesting brands, particularly in China (88%) and US (86%). In Brazil (81%) and UK, consumers are slightly more likely to be attracted to interesting brands. Also, people want brands that make their lives easier or give them something of value in return.

Finally, the consumer will not care that "something of value in exchange" is in hand with advertising. 79% of Americans and British consumers and 77% of Chinese consumers confess they do not refuse to see advertising in exchange for free access to content. In addition, most people will seek brands that somehow reward their loyalty.