November 10, 2014

Yes, Sir. Its Monday again!!!

The weekend always seems enough. They always fly by and we never feel rested "enough" to start the week.

Many people say that Monday is the most hated day of the week. Start of the week, resuming work tasks, taking the kids to school; everything seems to require double effort on Mondays.

But don't be restless, we will deliver some tips to beat the tireness out of the day and start the week with energy:

-Self-convincement: Monday should be taken with humour.

  Remember, no day is so far from Monday as Monday itself, and that certainly is good news.

-Other people have it worse ... Knowing that your boss or your superior has more worries these days than you will not make you happier, but it will make you feel a tiny bit more relieved by comparison.

-¡Be Friendly! Everyone suffers the same Monday blues. Try being extra kind to others and they will do the same to you. This simple gesture will help the day go smoother.

- Music therapy: Listen to your favourite songs on the way to work. It is proven that music can change the mood of people.

- Physical therapy: It is proven that moderate exercise in the morning power loads you for the day and even helps regulate appetite.

-Settled One goal: Make an attractive plan every Monday, it is one of the best incentives to overcome the day. It could be a concert, a movie in the cinema, dinner or a night out with friends.

- Acclimatization: If you have spent the weekend out of town or away from home, we recommend not to return late Sunday or Monday morning... If you acclimate gradually the return will be a little less harsh.