November 7, 2014

From Generation Y to Generation Z

Today, changes occur with unusual rapidity. At all points of social life, human beings have to be in constant change, consuming new products and innovations.

The major trends and markets are aimed at the Millennials Generation, also known as Generation Y. It is the young generation born in the 80s and early 90s.

Young people born in these times have a distinguished characteristic and background. They were stimulated by television, reason why many of those born at the beginning of Generation Y, also are known as Generation MTV, music channel that framed this generation by events of different music stars.

Another great appearance in this generation are the Japanese anime, which were the rage on every home's TV.

With the birth of new technological innovations, a new generation called Generation Z appeared, which in many cases are the brothers and sisters of those who belong to Generation Y. They were born in 1995, aproximetly and, since there's still not been an agreement over a date to pinpoint the end of it, the gap for it has widened to the present.

The Generation Z, has several differences noted in the use and management of technology and internet. With its arrival, everything they do and exchange it is done through cyberspace, to the point that they communicate more with their "friends / followers" via "social networking" than phisically.

A strong tendency to the virtual world is observed. If this generation is shaped properly, they can achieve much more than previous generations using digital media. But as any generation has negative points; they show a lack of interpersonal skills and they disregard the importance of family ideals. They are very individualistic in character and extremely confident. Their society exists on the internet where they open their mind and express their own opinions.